My 15 sec of fame

Jan, 2011
MIT Global Challenge
2011 IDEA Silver – Interactive Product Experiences

Jan, 2010 recognized on

Nov, 2009 recognized on

June, 2009
Photo coverage on the winning of the Microsoft Advertising Gaming Workshop Challenge Lions Daily News

May, 2009
National Advertising Awards – Interactive – Gold

May, 2007
National Advertising Awards – Direct – Gold

CMA Award – Integrated Multi-media: Budget Over $1,000,000 – Rogers Home Phone Launch – Gold

CMA Award – Kraft Festive Campaign – Gold


March, 2011
MIT Global Challenge mentioned in FastCo Design 2011 IDEA coverage

March, 2011
MIT Global Challenge mentioned in

Oct, 2010 mentioned in

Aug, 2009
Plus Model Search mentioned in

May, 2009
My entry got mentioned in Toronto Star. It was an extensive interview during the recession time regarding my entry for

Jan, 2005
“Are you talking to me?” Marketing Magazine

Jan, 2005
“SAS dents C-suite awareness with two-pronged campaign” Direct Marketing News

Recommendations (reposted from Linkedin)

“Lily is a fantastic designer with a great intuition for the user experience. I hired Lily based on her passion for design but was fully impressed by her contributions to our team at She has a strong sense for functional and beautiful designs, and her suggestions were extremely helpful for helping us create a strong brand presence online. Every startup should have someone as creative, skillful, and dedicated as Lily on their teams.” May 15, 2012
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative
Barbara Tassa
hired Lily as a UX Design Lead in 2011

“Lily helped me work through my business problems as they related to our design. She returned with something that needed no re-work and I was very happy with the results.” February 6, 2012
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value
Tim Warmels
hired Lily as a IT Consultant in 2011
Interactive Art Director
Sid Lee

“Lily has a deadly combination when it comes to Interactive Design. She understands the importance it plays for our clients, and the overall experience it can deliver to their customers, as well as an impeccable eye for design.
Lily is a pleasure to work with and consistently delivers innovative thinking and beautiful, purposeful design solutions. She is a team player with a positive upbeat attitude.
A true asset to any team.” May 11, 2012
Jared Stein, Account Director, Sid Lee
worked with Lily at Sid Lee
Art Director
henderson bas kohn

“It was a pleasure working with Lily at henderson bas. She has a exceptional ability to come up with award winning concepts and knows how to execute them. I hope our paths cross again soon! 非常好!” February 18, 2011
Stephen DeMarsh, Intermediate Designer, henderson bas
reported to Lily at henderson bas

“Lily is a consummate professional who seamlessly merges strategic insight with world-class design. Not only is she exceptionally talented at her craft, she is a great teammate who can be relied upon to develop outstanding concept presentations to the client, time and time again. If you are looking for a gifted Art Director who delivers stunning creative while meeting client expectations on every level, look no further than Lily.”
April 7, 2010
Zach Lytwyn, Senior Digital Account Manager, henderson bas
worked with Lily at henderson bas

“Lily is one of the most inquisitive and intelligent creatives I have ever met. Her appetite for new experiences is tremendous. There is no “above” the line or “below” the line with Lily; instead, she applies her conceptual thinking equally to direct marketing, mass or digital. We worked together not only at TAXI but on a competition that sent us to Cannes as interactive winners. While at Cannes, she went one step further and won a team competition that pitted her against some of the best global talent in the world. I can’t think of any higher indication of her ability than that. She is a fierce competitor with a keen eye, and is a joy to work with as both a producer and a creative partner.”
July 27, 2010
Adrian Gunadi, Producer, TAXI
worked with Lily at TAXI Canada

Lily is a talented Art Director who delivers strong, concrete ideas to solve clients' ever changing needs. She has a strong work ethic and is naturally collaborative.”
April 25, 2009
Carla Salvosa, Account Manager, Taxi
worked with Lily at TAXI Canada

“Lily is an incredibly gifted art director, with a tremendous eye for design. She is absolutely passionate about her work, and immerses herself in each challenge that comes her way. Having worked very closely with her, I have experienced firsthand Lily's dedication and team-oriented attitude – she is always willing to go above-and-beyond in order to get the job done right, and to come up with innovative solutions. She is truly a joy to work with.”
April 21, 2009
Nathalie Leduc, Group Account Director, Relationship Marketing, TAXI Canada Inc.
worked with Lily at TAXI Canada

“Lily is a talented and hard-working Art Director. She works well with others and consistently comes up with innovative and creative solutions, often on very tight timelines. A pleasure to work with, Lily is an inspiring mentor and a valuable asset to any company.” January 11, 2008
Evan Dermit, Graphic Designer, Wunderman
worked indirectly for Lily at Wunderman

“Lily was my very gifted art director partner at Grey, and will forever be on my wishlist of people I want to work with again. One of the great things about working with Lily is how she would force me to look at everything differently. She brings a unique perspective to all of her work - add this to her beautiful sense of design and you have an art director who creates advertising that truly is "art". She also has a very fun and engaging presentation style that her clients love. Not only do I highly recommend Lily, I keep trying to steal her away from the agency world... one of these days...” June 23, 2010
Siobhain O'Reilly, Senior Writer, Grey Direct & Interactive
worked directly with Lily at Grey Worldwide

“I’ve worked with Lily at Grey and she is one of the easiest and most outgoing art directors to work with. She thinks outside of the box and her work is innovative and always on strategy. Not only does she have a great sense of humour, she is easy to work with gets along well with account people and takes client feedback well. I truly enjoyed working with Lily and will recommend her without hesitation.”
May 27, 2009
Ailin Wu, Senior Account Executive, Grey Canada
worked directly with Lily at Grey Worldwide

“I have worked with Lily on 2 occasions and simply, she is an awesome art director. She always has a clever approach to ideas and always looks to incorporate input to help make them better. She asks questions when necessary and constantly wants to learn new things. Passion, integrity, honestly, and of course creative all describe her personally and professionally. I would work with Lily in an instant. And given the chance to hire her, I wouldn't blink.” May 12, 2009
Todd Henwood, Creative Group Head, Wunderman Canada
managed Lily indirectly at Grey Worldwide