Moi, thyself and I

What were your favourite projects?
Lush cosmetics and Monster Mobile for National Advertising Awards. Awesome teamwork with my ex-coworkers, Alex and Adrian aside, both earned me a trip to Cannes Lions Festival in balmy lovely southern France.

Favourite Pantone colour: 1777 C

Favorite Word: Yo

Childhood Dream: believe it or not - graphic designer, I was selling DIY bookmarks to my sister at $1 a pop

Must-have accessory: iphone and lip balm

Best Memory: Summer school in NYC with best friends in Hong Kong when I was 16

Favourite travel moment: Watching a family admiring a glacier in Iceland in complete silence. I captured it here.

If I were a city I would be: Colonial Hong Kong, yellow outside, white inside

My voice of reason: The Good Lily on my left shoulder

Guilty pleasure: Kinder Bueno

Causes: Breast Cancer and Rescue Dogs

Next trip planned: Copenhagen

Life’s little pleasure: a walk in sunny day, streetside cafe watching people, gelato under shade

Tattoo or diamond: diamond (conflict-free)

Favourite condiment: tobasco and kikkoman

Biggest pet peeve: mean girls

Biggest Vice: impatience

Tea or coffee: green tea

Sweet or savoury: savoury

Sand or snow: sand

If you are not a designer, what would you be? A psychologist or a dog spa owner.

Lessons learned: Be true to yourself. Life is short.

Soundtrack of your life: indie rock with an edge, cantopop occasionally