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Lily is an experienced, curious and entrepreneurial creative who found her true calling to be in the business, when she first sold a handmade bookmark to her younger sister at age 10. With 12+ years of agency experience, Lily began her career in advertising and marketing in e-commerce department of MoMA, New York. Worked at agencies such as Sid Lee, henderson bas kohn, TAXI, Wunderman, Grey and TBWA/Chiat/Day. Thanks to her passions and desire to solve big marketing problems, it leads to some awesome and award-worthy works for MIT Global Challenge, Amex, Harvard School of Design, Tim Hortons, Joe Fresh, Mercedes-Benz, Aviva, Canadian Film Centre, Holt Renfrew, Rogers, Kraft Canada, and National Advertising Awards.

Other than interactive and visual design, Lily is also interested in design research, physical computing, interaction and service design. In the past, Lily has collaborated with creative teams, information architects, developers, strategists, industrial designers, ethnographers, and start-up visionaries.

Past summers of 2010-2012, she's gone to the happiest nation – Copenhagen, Denmark to study Interaction Design at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) with Matt Cottam, the founder of Tellart and Patrick Kochlik of The Product* and 2 of the Co-Founders of Arduino, David Cuartielles & David A. Mellis.

Lily's current passion has extended to applying her design and creative capabilities to social entrepreneurship. Empowering consumers regarding non-toxic skincare and personal care product has been her lifelong mission.

In 2012, Lily has started her full-time design practice, Happy Monday®. She's available for assignments globally with creative and technology partners in Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Denmark, US, UK and China. Feel free to contact her at lily.tse@happymonday.ca

While not keeping her right brain busy, Lily is befriending dogs and their owners in photography studio, checking off her list of 1000 places to go one continent at a time.

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Few quotes I live by:

I haven’t failed; I’ve had 10,000 ideas that didn’t work
~ Benjamin Franklin

Not everything can be counted counts and not everything counts can be counted.
~ Einstein

Being unafraid to be different comes from knowing that it is all that you can really be.
~ John Maeda

Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

A note about my work shown on this site:
Due to confidentiality of certain clients, please contact me if you are interested to see specific client's work.